Cambodia Town promotes Khmer culture, customs, and traditions to advance the social and economic well-being of low- and moderate-income communities. It creates a thriving and peaceful community by increasing health access, revitalizing neighborhoods, promoting local businesses, and educating youth.

Cambodia Town commits to these values:

Collaboration: Working together to propose solutions and take actions to address the needs of the Cambodian and ethnically underserved communities.
Community: Promote solidarity, trust, respect and relationships among all communities.
Cultural: Preserve and promote Khmer cultural norms, traditions, values, and heritage for the education of all communities especially the youth.
Diversity: Acknowledge, recognize, and embrace the diversity of Cambodians and communities from different ethnicities, economic levels, sexual orientation, etc.
Inclusiveness: Use intentional practices to invite, provide opportunities, engage, and offer resources to all marginalized and vulnerable communities.
Resiliency: Strengthen the aspects of Khmer culture that support and develop a healthier and stronger community.
Unity: Accept, tolerate, engage, and find common ground to reflect the legacy, interests, and needs of the Cambodian community.